WoW Leveling Guide

If you dedicate a lot of your time to playing WoW, you already know that leveling your characters at a steady pace requires a lot of hard work (and sometimes also hard earned real world dollars). To make your WoW power leveling smoother, we decided to put this extensive WoW leveling guide together.

We’ll be talking about some general tips anyone can implement free of charge, as well as about some of the best World of Warcraft leveling guides available. Together, these tips will give you great insight into a complex yet exciting world of WoW power leveling, as well as make gaming as exciting as it can possibly be.

Even though this guide is mostly aimed at beginners and “average players”, we are confident that everyone will find something new and useful here.

In other words, welcome to one of the best WoW guides ever written!

wow leveling guide



Don’t even get started with a negative mindset

Arguably, this is that one WoW power leveling secret that will keep you on the right track no matter what. After all, this WoW leveling guide is not all about sophisticated pro tricks, as the basics – such as your mood and mindset – are equally important.

Of course, leveling is not all fun and games. Sometimes it seems like the process takes forever with no real progress in sight. At other times, you get stuck in the middle of a seemingly boring quest and start questioning the very existence of your character.

Remember – you didn’t come this far to only come this far! Stay positive and keep pushing!

Turn on your favourite music, think about your long-term goals and get right back to that WoW power leveling. You’ve got this. Keep questing, and you’ll succeed in no time – especially if you implement all tips included in this WoW leveling guide.


Be patient with your initial WoW power leveling

The very first toon in the WoW power leveling is going to take time, and no matter what you do, there isn’t really a way around it.

This brings us back to the previous point – don’t let the negative thoughts absorb you and simply enjoy the ride, as you will definitely get there in the end. By taking more time to obtain that first level up, you also give yourself time to learn more about the game, find some interesting quests around, locate fruitful capital cities and establish your gaming goals.

Don’t give up – success is coming your way!


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Some of the most effective ways to level up

Of course, we had to include some of the universally effective leveling strategies in this WoW leveling guide. Those are actually fairly straightforward and include:

  • Dungeon farming. This works like magic if you’re playing with some friends. After you’re all at level 15, decide who is the Tank, who Heals and who is dealing Damage, which basically makes your team a complete party. Then, open the dungeon finder, find a random dungeon and clear it as quickly as possible. Then re-queue for the next random dungeon and repeat. Voila! Everybody in your WoW power leveling team wins.
  • Questing is arguably the fastest “vanilla” (e.g. with no addons utilised) way to level, as it provides you with the highest XP per hour. Of course, you are more than welcome to spice up your questing with other WoW power leveling ways, but the down math remains the same – nothing is quite like going on good old quests when it comes to huge XP gains.
  • Leveling multiple characters at a time. OK, this is not the most direct approach, but leveling a few characters at once will give you a better overview of what quests to pick, and which locations are worth visiting. For instance, some quests only take a few minutes to complete while others take literally hours – all with similar XP games. Once you’ve figured out optimal quest types, you’ll start leveling much quicker!
  • Using heilrooms, which are clever little items bound to your account when purchased, not to your character. So if you happen to have a higher level character that’s eligible for heilrooms, or taking over someone else’s account but want to play a new character from scratch this may be a nice way to go. The best thing about these items is that they also upgrade when you level, whilst also giving you up to 40% WoW power leveling boost.

These are some universal ways to boost your XP (pssst – by the way, contrary to popular belief, Battlegrounds are pretty terrible for initial growth, which is why we haven’t included them).

However, if you’re not opposed to some extra help, there is an additional way to level, which is…


World of Warcraft leveling guides

There are many dedicated WoW guides available, and it may be difficult to pick one.

In this WoW leveling guide, we’d like to specifically highlight the awesomeness of the Dugi guides! You can find more information in our complete Dugi World of Warcraft Guides review, but here are just some of the amazing features:

  • Correct and 100% accurate paths and maps
  • Only manually created guides
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Free updates
  • A huge dedicated online community
  • And much more

Out of all WoW power leveling guides, Dugi guides definitely stand out, potentially boosting your growth threefold. If you’re still on a fence about such resources, start with just one WoW Dugi guide, do your research, read a Dugi WoW Guides review or two – and make an informed decision.

WoW power leveling can be tricky, but with the right service by your side you will reach your goals in no time.

Hope you enjoyed this WoW leveling guide, and make sure to read our other materials related to the WoW universe!

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