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Blade and Soul is a martial fantasy and role-playing game that is developed by NCSOFT’s Team Bloodlust, featuring qinggong multi-playability.

Inspired by martial arts combat competitions that take place in an open world environment, Blade and Soul’s character tour the globe, fighting in a variety of Non-Player Controlled assigned contests.

Some strategies of playing the game, such as fighting the dungeon bosses will require teaming up with other players, for which you need a specified amount of gold.

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Why buy Blade and Soul Gold?

After getting into the innovative world of this game, the next quest will be to kit your character better for added advantage, and for that, you need the best place to buy Blade and Soul Gold.

The battle systems start with player versus environment games that proceed into real-time player versus player participation.

Consumables for Blade and Soul can either be earned as gold, which is also bought from other players.

Performing motions of farming or going on a raid to a MUSHIN tower will generate you about 100 or 150 gold coins for player versus environment that are play-time intensive.

You can also earn BNS gold by venturing into the dungeons where careless monsters have dropped relatively easy to pick gold.

Trading items at the craft market is also an alternative of boosting your reserves, but the quickest way is to buy Blade & Soul Gold cheap.

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