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If you love gaming you probably must have come across Tree of Savior which is one of the best MMORPG fantasy games that succeeded Ragnarok.

This game is interesting and it requires you to create a character before you progress with the game.

Additionally, you will also have to buy a tree of savior silver to improve your gaming experience.

Well, understanding the game dynamics is a simple and straightforward process because you will be presented with four classes which include the wizard, swordsman, cleric, and archer.

Free to play players are allowed to create up to four characters per account which imply you can create one from each class.

Character customization is what you will need to effectively need to understand for you to process with the game.

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The following are the most notable features of this game.

Class variety

This game has four archetypes classes which included the swordsman, archer, wizard, and cleric.

This is where you begin as you advance to explore other additional classes as you progress with the game.

This is where you can customize your characters as you prepare to get started.

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Fairy tale aesthetic

The setting of the game allows you to enjoy a charming world that is largely based on a fairy tale with designed landscape and characters to make it appear more virtual.

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SoundTemp soundtrack

SoundTemp composed an intuitive soundtrack for the game.

Their contribution to Ragnarok online was felt and so do the tree of savior.

Dungeon crawling

This game exposes you to some exciting experiences like dungeon crawling where is expected to upgrade your gear to other distinct bosses.


This he’s allows you to enter into the arena and test your skills or you can as well join the large scale warfare.

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