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Understanding Aion

Aion is a type of MMORPG of Asian characteristics.

In the game, players farm/buy aion kinah which is the currency used in the game.

It is a custom for all MMORPGs to buy items or get paid for finding hidden treasures within the game.

The payment is in Aion Kinah, the official currency in Aion.

An MMORPG in full means Massively Multiple Online Role Playing Game.

After expounding on the acronym it is now easier to understand what Aion is.

It is simply an Role playing game that involves many players from around the world.

Players come in their thousands and even millions to participate in these kinds of games.

Aion MMORPG has many features that make it a popular game being played by people in their millions.

It is also super interactive as well.

The story line will keep you hooked on it and the creative characters as well.

It is a classic game of the world of angels and demons.

It is your task to control what these two historical enemies get to do in order to save the world from destruction.

In the game there some special features like;

●    War

There is no limit to where combat takes place. It can be in the sky or on land or in water

●    Missions

They are popularly called quests. There are over 3000 quests in the game

●    Customizing

You are at liberty to design your own character.

You get to decide how they look like and what abilities they can possess.

There are lots more features to the game but they are largely determined by Aion Kinah.

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