Best Wow Gold Making Secrets – World of Warcraft Gold Farming Guides & Addons

WoW gold making – efficient and highly profitable, that is – is a process that requires a pinch of luck, a lot of patience…and even more knowledge. You can discover an optimal WoW gold strategy either by trial and error or by leaning on other gamers’ extensive experience.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of WoW gold guides these days, each one exploring various aspects of the game – from ways to obtain cheap WoW gold to surprisingly profitable WoW gold farming techniques. The problem is that it’s very difficult to find all necessary information in one source, as the shortage of comprehensive one-stop WoW guides is evident.

This is exactly why we came up with this extensive WoW gold guide! Prepare for a long read – but it will be worth your while, as in this guide we’ll touch on everything, from useful WoW addons that make gold farming a breeze to some general tips and tricks that will help you make more gold than you ever imagined.

Ready? Buckle up, and let’s dive right into this extensive World of Warcraft gold guide!


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WoW addons to make gold

WoW gold making is hard to imagine without addons these days – however, not all of them are created equal. Some addons are downright “illegal” as they hack the game, which will inevitably get you caught and will result in lost progress. Others haven’t been updated since the world’s conception and won’t bring much value into your game, despite promising fruitful WoW gold farming.

So, let us highlight some of the addons that are actually worth your while! For instance, the Tycoon addon from Dynasty Addons helps you make tons of gold by thoroughly scanning the auction house and revealing the most powerful, profitable items that can be gathered, crafted or traded successfully.

The same developers also came up with the Booster addon which helps you to level 1-110 within a couple of days, if not less. While this is not a WoW gold guide as such, leveling fast is absolutely essential for successful WoW gold making as it gives you more opportunities to get rich in the game. This clever addon walks you through the quests (and tells you which ones to pass), completion tips and points to turn them in, all within the quickest possible timeframe.

Finally, another family member of the Dynasty WoW addons – the Edge addon – helps you get the best build for your character. It features in-game alents, glyphs, rotations, and strategy in-game adviser. After all, all those skills you worked so hard on don’t mean much unless your character is built optimally to implement them – so don’t skip this addon if you want to make some serious cheap WoW gold!


wow gold guideWoW gold guides on websites

If for some reason you’re not too fond of using WoW addons, we have a great alternative, as there are some awesome websites featuring some of the best WoW gold guides ever created!

Just some of the examples include:

  • WoWuction – a great website that has numerous tips for beginners (although advanced players will most definitely enjoy it too)
  • TheUndermineJournal – which is one of the most famous website based resources dedicated to WoW gold farming. The website allows you to juggle a few servers to search for successful sellers, auctions, items and such, and navigate through those easily to make optimal financial decisions. Best of all – the website works neatly from mobile devices as well, so you can always take care of important matters in your game on the go!
  • here is another great blog post which doubles as a World of Warcraft gold guide. There are so many amazing articles on WoW gold making that it’s easy to get carried away!



wow tokens strategyWoW tokens to get cheap WoW gold

Although this is not as profitable in the Legion as it could have been, juggling tokens is still a perfectly legit way to make in-game gold. You can purchase tokens from the in-game store for $20 US (prices may differ depending on your country and preferred currency).

The tokens can then be sold in the nearest auction house for the going price. If you’re patient enough to wait for when the prices are higher, you receive better profit – so choose your WoW gold strategy wisely. The tokens usually work out roughly as 1000 gold per $1.

In summary, this way is obviously a bit riskier than some other potential strategies. Another disadvantage here is that you’ll have to start with a considerable “real money” investment with no guaranteed outcome. However, 9 times out of 10 you will be able to make some profit (even if small) – or at the very least, get your money back. So if you enjoy a bit of risk, this option may be suitable for you!



world of warcraft professions guideWoW professions and occupations

We’ll talk about every single profession in more detail sometime in future WoW guides – but today we’d just like to acknowledge that professions have always been one of the best ways to make gold in the game.

It’s also worth mentioning that unfortunately, with Legion’s changes to professions, it became trickier to make cheap WoW gold for some of the occupations. For instance, flasks and herbs have become both rare and extremely expensive – and don’t even get us started on potions.

However, this is not to say that you can’t choose a different profession if your current one stops working. Just embrace the change and aim for the ultimate WoW gold making!


WoW instances

If you want to be absolutely sure how much gold you’re going to make and within what timeframe, instances must become a part of your WoW gold strategy. With instances, there is no risk whatsoever of not selling an item at the end and burying it at the bottom of your inventory. In addition, instances are relatively easy to run, and most of them can be completed solo – so you get to keep all the gold to yourself.

So, what are the profits? It depends on what instances you run, but pretty good nevertheless. As a quick example, running all the Cata instances and completing them all will typically get you around 9000 gold. Single raids are worth between 500-2000 gold, and at level 110, even more opportunities open for you.

Not sure where to start? According to one of the WoW gold guides at, here are some of the best instances to run:

  • Icecrown Citadel
  • Firelands
  • Ulduar
  • Stonecore
  • Tempest Keep
  • Karazahn



best wow questing guidesQuesting as a WoW gold strategy

Now, questing is certainly one of the most popular gold making options – but it’s not the best way to make cheap WoW gold. In fact, you won’t be getting much at all until you reach level 80 and higher – so buckle up and sort out your leveling (we mentioned some useful WoW guides for this purpose above).

However, upon reaching level 80, you can expect to start getting 10-20 gold for each quest. Not much – and definitely not for impatient gamers – but it’s still great side income, and you’ll also keep gaining experience which makes questing worth your while.

There are several questing option in the game:

  • Daily quests, also known as daily’s, are best value when it comes to gold making. There are usually about 4 MoPs per faction, and each one will help you make around 10 gold (used to be 20, but gone are those happy days). Doesn’t sound like much, but it’s consistent and adds up quickly, so think of daily’s as some sort of a WoW piggy bank.
  • Regular quests. Those are even slower than daily quests, but if you enjoy questing and/or have enough patience to do it regularly, they can become a good source of gold nevertheless. Questing 1-100 with full heilrooms takes 72 hours played. As you level up further, your chances of getting paid in gold consistently increase dramatically. There are also some true questing gems out there such as the Iron Horde quests to get to Tannan Jungle, which reward 30 gold per every single quest. Questing does get a bit repetitive and it’s not as immediately profitable as some of the other WoW gold making strategies, so we only recommend considering it as such if you enjoy this kind of gameplay.



wow farming cheap goldFarming in WoW to make gold

We will cover all aspects of farming in detail on one of our upcoming WoW guides – there is so much to this intricate and exciting art!

Today, we’d like to specifically mention that farming is one of the best ways to make gold in the game, especially if you’re also visiting the Auction House regularly. One disadvantage of farming is that it’s a little bit time consuming (not nearly as bad as questing though!) – however, as most people typically only farm for 30 to 60 minutes max at a time, it’s really not all that bad.

Farming is a pretty unusual concept for many people, but let us assure you that it’s actually a brilliant way to make gold. There are several types of farming, and all of them can produce unique materials that can be sold for a lot of money, so with a bit of time invested you get yourself some cheap WoW gold. Of course, it does mix well with the AH shenanigans, so if you do both – you’re on a shortcut to becoming rich.

Profitable types of farming include:

  • Tempest Keep (The Eye) Farming
  • Karazhan Farming
  • Firelands Farming
  • Bastion Of Twilight Farming
  • Cult in Aldurthar Farming

There are plenty of tips about these types of farming on YouTube and some WoW gold guides, so do your research and focus on those that fit within your own WoW gold strategy.


WoW gold making with the trade chat

Trade chat is a neat way to make gold in WoW. It can be reached by entering in chat /2 when you’re in capital cities. It works like this:

  • Grab an item you want to sell
  • shift+left click on the item
  • The item will now be in the chat window
  • Wait for someone to whisper to you and set the price (don’t forget to check the AH first!)
  • Respond
  • Repeat until you secure a good deal!

Trade chatting doesn’t come easy to everyone, but with some practice you can definitely learn how to sell your items efficiently and get the most gold out of it!



We hope you enjoyed our comprehensive guide on WoW gold making – try the strategies, pick the ones that work best for your game style – and let us know how you go!

Make sure to come back to this space regularly, as we do post guides, tips and reviews all the time. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

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