Hayden Hawkes Secret Gold Guide Review

Let’s face it: chances of succeeding in WoW without making tons of gold are pretty slim. And making enough coins in no easy task, especially for new players or those who’ve been playing sporadically “just for fun” and now looking to expand the horizons!

Fortunately, there are WoW specialists out there willing to share their extensive knowledge in exchange for moderate amounts of human coins. If that’s something you’re willing to explore, welcome to our Hayden Hawkes Secret Gold Guide review!



Hayden Hawke Gold Guide overview

In his sales pitch, the developer claims that making gold with this guide can be three times faster than without. We do recognise that the Hayden Hawke Gold Guide won’t work like magic for everyone – however, it sure does have some magical features to help you:

  • Find the hottest deals in the auction house
  • Configure ways to earn passive income
  • Get more than enough money for your mounts
  • Avoid lame gold making mistakes which other guides often overlook
  • Optimise profitable items for each profession
  • Find surprising ways to manipulate the Auction House
  • Schedule your quests in advance
  • Reach gold cap for your level with no prior earning or experience
  • Discover secret places to mine, herb, and skin, including detailed step-by-step instructions

All information is contained within the 10 modules of this WoW secret gold guide review. In addition, you will get access to the Hayden Hawke Vault, where all helpful tips and tricks are stored. It’s literally years and years of extensive research and experience, so the Hayden Hawke Gold Guide definitely takes the cake when it comes to the amount of information included.

Other benefits of the Hayden Hawkes Gold Guide

In this Hayden Hawkes Secret Gold Guide review we’d really like to mention a few additional features of this extensive guide, including but not limited to:

  • Frequent updates
  • Highly organized presentation making the guide easy to use
  • Detailed maps with helpful descriptions

It’s also important to note in this WoW secret gold guide review that the Hayden Hawke Gold Guide is 100% legal and does not violate Blizzards addons policy.

The guide also comes with a 60 day risk free trial policy, so if you don’t love it – you will get your small investment back, no questions asked.


Speaking of investments…

Next in our Hayden Hawkes Secret Gold Guide review we’d like to touch on the cost of the guide.

Although the official description states that “it’s basically free”, it does come with a very real $21 price tag attached. This is very well worth it if you’re a serious WoW gamer. However, we do advise against purchasing any guides if you only play from time to time just for fun, with no real growth goals in mind.


Are there any pros?

Given that it’s not an addon but a guide, you are essentially getting an encyclopedia of information not everyone will want to go through.

Also, despite somewhat sneaky advertising, it’s definitely not free.

Otherwise, we fully recommend the guide to anyone who doesn’t mind some geeky reading and wants to make more gold in the World of Warcraft!

Hope you enjoyed this Hayden Hawkes Secret Gold Guide review, and see you again soon.