Best WoW Guides 2024 Cheat-Sheet

With the latest expansion available and running in full swing, gamers all over the world are looking for the best wow guides to enhance their game experience. Without the help from some of the best world of warcraft guides, it is rather difficult to wrap your head around all the new quests available and level favourite characters from 1 to 110 efficiently and quickly in the new circumstances. There are many class specific guides, as well as packages such as dugi guides which are covering all the basics.

When an update is released, the developers immediately start working hard to fine-tune the existing top wow guides to accommodate for all the new features. They have to make sure that each of the guides is optimised for the best talent build for levelling up fast regardless of the class, as well as provide the details for optimal combat rotations to kill mobs efficiently.

These are not the only features that define best wow guides, of course. The best wow guide must also feature essential tips for levelling up Artifact weapons, as well as elaborate on talent builds and combat rotations aimed at each class, depending on a variety of specializations.

It’s also nice when a wow leveling guide contains explicit, easy to follow instructions on gearing up your characters for end-game raiding, prioritising stats, choosing the correct enchants and gems, as well as provide information on available addons that may enhance the gaming experience for you.

A quest for the best wow guide is not an easy one – but we braced ourselves and searched for some of the best world of warcraft guides so you don’t have to! Let us introduce you to some of the best wow guides in our helpful compilation.




Dugi guides

dugi guides review best wow leveling strategy guides

If you are in search for a great wow leveling guide – look no further. And if you’ve been spending weeks, if not months, trying to level up your characters with little to no success, this one is for you, too.

The key to smooth, quick progression through the game is optimal navigation. Without dugi guides, you may easily get lost in the game, especially if you are more of a novice player. This potentially means missing great opportunities such as quests and objectives, skipping important items and ruining the most powerful levelling points.

Not with dugi guides though! These clever addons basically let you play on autopilot, and you won’t have to spare a single second desperately trying to figure out what to do next. This wow leveling guide does all the thinking for you, allowing you to make the wisest strategic moves available in your situation.

One of the most revolutionary features of the dugi guides is the so-called taxi system, a truly game-changing experience. This tracker looks for the fastest route to reaching a certain location from where you currently are.

Another cool feature of these top wow guides is the multiple display mode. It allows you to fully customize your display, including 16 various skins to choose from.

To summarize, the main benefits of Dugi guides include:

  • Professional development process
  • Full in-game integration
  • Frequent, elaborate updates
  • A lot of unique content
  • Great Technical Support (24/7)

Dugi guides are definitely among the best wow guides, so please do check them out!



Hayden Hawkes Secret Gold Guide

best wow guides 2018

If you’re looking for an awesome wow gold guide, this is your girl.

The Secret Gold Guide, as the name suggests, was created by prominent World of Warcraft player Hayden Hawke. The guide features an ambitious promise of helping you make between 650 and 1000 gold per hour, and unlike many other guides, it actually lives up to the expectations, provided you follow the recommendations closely.

Unfortunately, the guide is not updated as frequently as it used to anymore, which means not all strategies are going to be super effective. However, this is thoroughly compensated by an exclusive access to a private forum, as well as an enormous volume of information in general. Try everything from this wow gold guide – and most of it will work like magic!

A massive advantage of this guide is just how easy to follow it is. It starts by listing all the best zones and instances for making gold, followed by more elaborate techniques and strategies. Best of all, the guide has many amazing maps and pictures included, making following it a breeze.

Our favourite part of the guide is the one that deals with the Auction house. It explains in great detail how to take advantage of it and maximize profits from your deals. If you know how, the Auction house is easily manipulated – and this wow gold guide shows you how to do exactly that.

Unlike some of the other best world of warcraft guides, this one also goes in great detail about distinct features of all professions.

The guide is very easy to navigate, making it a worthy investment if you’re looking for something to help you gain more gold within the game.


Goblineer’s gold guide

goblineers wow gold guide review

Another example of the top wow guides is the Goblineer’s gold guide, which is available as a PDF download. As the name suggests, this is primarily a wow gold guide.

The strategies included in the resource are incredibly specific, perhaps the most specific we’ve ever seen. This makes the instructions very easy to follow and completely fool-proof. This also mean that the guide provides great value, since there is little to no filler content, only useful information you will actually benefit from.

The main disadvantage of the guide is that the updates are not free and incur a quarterly fee of $10, whilst most of the other best wow guides offer free lifetime updates. If that’s something you’re ok with, there is nothing else we hold against this resource.


Hope you thoroughly enjoyed our overview of the best wow guides! Download them, try them – and enjoy an enhanced game experience.

Make sure to check this space regularly for more relevant news, updates and reviews – see you later!

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