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Why look elsewhere for the best Overwatch 2 Boost service when you have Eloking easily accessible to you? This is the only service that you are assured will keep your ranks higher and better at the end of your interaction with the service.

It has also proven over time to be the best option when you want to better your game or even play with better players and teammates while still raising the ranks.

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Best Overwatch 2 Boosting Service


Why would you like to opt for Eloking Overwatch 2 boost service?

There is a quick-play rule that needs you to succeed in almost 50 games before you unlock the competitive level in the game. This is hectic especially if you are a high achiever. The Overwatch 2 boost service can easily get you through this stage.

You may be looking to win quick matches, complete the battle pass or get to a higher rank. All these are some of the things the Eloking boost service offers you at a small cost on the site. This can be achieved either by having the pro-player play for you or playing together with the pro player as a way of learning the tricks of the game.

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How is the Eloking Overwatch 2 boost service unique?

You can easily get a refund on your boost order if you find it unsatisfactory in the middle. This could be either you have changed your mind or the player that you were assigned does not work the way you need them to.

You can specify the exact role that you would like the player to play for you in the game. You will need to turn on the ‘heroes/roles’ option on the calculator before you finalize placing the order.

In the middle of the boost, you can request a change of player if you feel like the player is not serving you well enough. You only need to involve in the 24/7 live chat service and explain yourself to the team. They will automatically get you another pro player.

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How does Eloking Overwatch 2 boosting service work?

With the OW 2 boosting service, you get to choose the service that suits you best. It could be a placement boost, rank boost, or hire-a-teammate boost. All three are viable options that will ensure you get the best pro player in the system to help you achieve it. 

One other unique thing is that as the player, you can choose what role you think the pro player will play best for your game. This gives you an upper hand in the decisions of how you want your game to run.

Steps to get into the boosting program easily?

Once you have been able to access the official eloking website, there are several things that you need to complete before you get your booster service up and running. These are basic guidelines that aim on making the whole experience better and easier for you as the user. 

  • Fill out the boost calculator section that involves your current rank and the expected rank that you would like to go to. Through the calculator, you get to know how much it will cost you for the boost service. 
  • Place the order you are making and allow the team to assign you a professional player. This is after you have made payment plans as a mode of committing to the service. 
  • This pro player will contact you for introductions which will then allow the work to begin. You then get to understand the value of the overwatch 2 boosting price that you had been given. 

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What if you would like to change the player or stop the service?

Eloking boost service is very accommodating. If at any point, you will feel like the service is not satisfactory, you just need to contact the customer service care button at the bottom of the website and explain your situation, so there is no reason not to give it a try. 

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