Leprestore Review

Character boosts was among the many services that were made available in the World of Warcraft by Blizzard Entertainment. They were available in the in-game shop and could be used to immediately increase the level of characters to 110. This means that with Character Boost, you will be equipped for the Battle for Azeroth.

Update: WoW Boosting is now bannable! Use this service at your own risk!

In this Leprestore review, you will learn how a Character Boost really works. We’ll talk about the first steps, how contents are unlocked, and what contents you can unlock for your character.

leprestore review - wow boostingCharacter Boost can be obtained by gamers in two different ways:

  1. Getting the Battle for Azeroth expansion pack will give you all the perks free of charge.
  2. Subsequent character boosts can be purchased from Leprestore and accessed in the game.

WoW Boosting a Character

With WoW boosting service, you will find that a boost button has appeared near the ‘Change Realm’ button in the character selection screen. When you have clicked on it, a new menu will spring up in order to guide you through the rest of the instructions.

This new menu will offer you 2 different kinds of boosting options:

  1. Boost an existing character in the realm you are currently in
  2. Boost a character that is brand-new and in the realm you are currently in.

world of warcraft boosting service1.     Boosting an Existing Character

When boosting an existing character, all you will have to do is select the character in the boosting menu and its main specialization. By doing so, you will have received a complete 176 + 185 level weapon.

2.     Character After Boosting

Once the boost has completed, your character will begin in an unchartered territory. They will initially have zero talents and abilities to use. In order to access these, you will have to go through simple training to learn about the special skills of the character. After you have completed the training, you will also be able to change the characters specialization.

The Best WoW Boosting Service

When you buy WoW services, your character bags will be replaced with 4 Embersilk Bags – which means a lot of bag space. Inside the bag pack you will have achieved:

  1. 500 Gold
  2. Shimmering Ancient Mana Cluster with 150 Ancient Mana when used
  3. Dalaran Hearthstone to teleport you to Dalaran
  4. Ancient Healing Potion to restore you characters health instantly
  5. Tome of the Tranquil Mind which allow to change talents while you aren’t in resting areas
  6. Dalaran Rice Pudding which restores the health of your character in 20 seconds
  7. Ley-Enriched Water which restores Mana to the character in 20 seconds
  8. Mana Divining Stone which helps you find Ancient Mana in Suramar
  9. The Flight Master’s Whistle which teleports you to a closest flight master
  10. Hearthstone which sets you to Valley of Strength in Origmmar or Stormwind Harbor in Stormwind.

What You Will Have Lost

The World of Warcraft Boost delivery times can be slow. They can take up somewhere between 3 to 5 days. So do you think it is worth the wait?

Buy WoW Items

On Leprestore, you can find so many other types of WoW Boosts that will help your needs in the game. So go on ahead and visit their website to find out everything there is to know.

Hope you enjoyed this Leprestore review! Check out other blog posts for more World of Warcraft hax 😉

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